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Our Mission & Vision

MISSION: Leverage art in after school programs to inspire leadership and impact literacy in global affluent and non affluent communities.

VISION: Develop young artists to know themselves as capable leaders committed to use art and literacy to reduce poverty.

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In 2014, to separate Artistic Dreams International from many educational arts non-profits that only offer one-touch workshops, I teamed ADI up with Leap4change. The goal was to leverage the arts to develop a potent leadership curriculum and model that simultaneously inspired student voice, built global partnerships, and created impactful change. The partnership. resulted in a three-year curricular structure with intensive arts access, leadership and literacy training.

Today, ADI offers nine arts and leadership classes in seven locations in New York City, including four public schools and two public libraries, as well as two locations in Sonora, Mexico. ADI now provides arts access with a focus on visual arts, yoga/movement, and music and singing.

Moreover, at Artistic Dreams, in addition to arts access, children experience:

  • Technology-based Cultural Exchange
  • Leadership
  • Global Awareness
  • Year-long classes

ADI recently celebrated its five year anniversary in New York City, honoring the artwork of the committed students of ADI as well as the hard work and dedication of the educators, board members, and donors that make ADI possible. I hope ADI will continue to grow in NYC and Mexico as well as around the world, inspiring children everywhere to dream big, create art, and lead with confidence.

– Lillian Alonzo Marin
Founder & Artistic Director at Artistic Dreams International

Areas of Impact



Lillian Alonzo Marin
Founder & Artistic Director, ADI
Llano Blanco, Sonora, Mexico

George Bruce & Hamilton Grange Libraries
Harlem, NYC

Public Schools 36, 125, & 210
Harlem, NYC

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5 days ago

Artistic Dreams International

Another day, another class, another lesson and another journey
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2 weeks ago

Artistic Dreams International

In this recent artistic dreams #project , the students learned what a multimedia art installation is and also created their own!
#art #education #arteducation #arted #harlem #childrenofharlem #mycommunity #helpyourcommunity #Ihelpymycommunity #ADIHarlem #ADITakesAction #socialactionart #socialpractice #communityaction #Harlemyouth #harlemkids #communityservice #ArtTransformsCommunities #STEAM #smART #artTeachersofInstgram @ Public School 161
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3 weeks ago

Artistic Dreams International

These kids are 3rd-4th graders from Thurgood Marshal Lower School (TMLS) in Harlem. After learning about demi-gods in Hinduism, they created sketches on their own demi-god superhero and then later turning them into statues with clay. @ New York, New York ... See MoreSee Less

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This Saturday in Mexico, our founder, Lillian Alonzo, who is a Mezzo Soprano, will be singing with Karen Reyna, soprano and pianist Ilusión Hernández at a concert benefiting Artistic Dreams International. From classical to pop music! Photos and videos to come! ... See MoreSee Less

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Concentration is key, because without concentration we cannot unveil the beautiful details🎨 ... See MoreSee Less

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